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Portable Air Compressor AM-01 for PCP Airguns 12V 4500 Psi

Product Specification

Item: Portable air compressor for pcp airguns

SKU NO.: AM-01

Available color: Red, Black , Yellow

Auto Stop :Yes

Air filter: Included

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Product Info

In addition to its unique appearance design, Airmega portable PCP compressor is favored by users. The narrow upper and lower design is more stable. The point is to inflate faster and easier than other inflators. There is no need to add silicone oil lubrication every few times, making frequent use easier and more convenient.

This is still a compact compressor that can be taken to any site or range as it has a built-in transformer that can run from a 12V car battery to a regular 110V or 220V outlet, providing multiple options for getting power wherever you need it.

The AM-01 air pump also has an auto-stop function, just set the compressor to the desired filling pressure (up to 4500 PSI) and it will automatically stop filling at that pressure.


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