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PCP Air Rifle Pump 3-stage PLUS

Product Specification

Item: PCP Air Rifle Pump

SKU NO.: 3-stage PLUS

Color: Stainless steel, Black, Camouflage

Working Pressure:  < 4500 psi  / 300 bar / 30 MPA

In-line filter: Included

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Product Info

This model adds a more effective filter based on the original three-stage folding, which is equivalent to double-layer filtration. The newly added filters are hidden at both ends of the handle, which can effectively dry and filter the air, making the output gas cleaner. ,dry. In addition, the hose and base part use quick connectors to connect, which is more convenient and fast.

* Pumps to 4,500 psi/310 bar (always use the correct pressure rating for your gun)

* High Pressure Hose length 500 mm .

* Material : Stainless steel

* Quick-disconnect female fitting on hose .

* With extra repair kits inside

* Patented design, easy to disassemble and repair

* Accept logo or OEM box .

* Folding feet .

* Extra in – line filter included.


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