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Filling Cylinder Accessories Double Male

Product Specification

Sku NO.: 004

Working Pressure: 310 BRA / 4500 PSI / 30 MPA

Material: Stainless steel .

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Product Info

Filling cylinder accessories, compatible with PCP air gun and air gun. SCBA tank filling, etc. The male-to-male QD allows you to move air from one tank to another when used with two filling adapters, back to back QD is helpful if you are trying to transfer air from a large bottle to a smaller portable bottle. Connect each filling adapter to a male-to-male fostering connector. Double male QD is also helpful if you are filling an SCUBA tank, but the person trying to fill the tank does not have an SCUBA filling adapter to connect to your bottle.

  • Foster Male to Male Connector
  • Quick Disconnect Adaptor
  • Stainless Steel Double Male Fill Nipple
  • Suitable for 8MM female convert

*paintball,Paintball tanks and SCBA tanks filing etc


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