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Air Compressor GC02-Auto stop

Product Specification

Model GC 02
Voltage AC110V/60Hz.  /  AC220V/50Hz
Power Rating 1.8KW
Inflating Speed 2800R/Min
Noise MAX 78DB
Air Flow Rate 50L/Min
Working Pressure 0-310BAR / 30MPA / 4500PSI
Cooling System Water Cooling
Compression Stage Two Stage
Material of Cover Cast Aluminum
Material of Motor 100% Pure Copper
Oil Model 150DAA 150DAB 220DAA 220DAB 5W30 5W40 10W30 10W40
Condenser Two PCS
Hose Length 50 cm or 80 cm, according to customer

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Product Info

Model GC02 is an upgraded version of model GB02. In addition to using the integrated machine head of GC02 to ensure heat dissipation and easy maintenance, the machine head is durable and high-pressure resistant. It adopts a shortcut hose with a length of 80CM for easy disassembly. It is equipped with an oil-water separator. In addition to the external In addition to water circulation cooling, 2 condensers are also added to ensure that the output gas is dry and cool, thereby protecting the container from corrosion and damage.

Test Inflating Result :  

3″  50s to fill full 0.35L tank to 30MPA

8 mins to fill full 1L tank to 300BAR


1: Please add lubricating oil before you start using the machine first. -No.46 wear resistant hydraulic oil. Don’t forget to put the lube oil into the compressor before running.

2: When running, if the machine vibrates violently, please add pad or towel under the compressor

3: When the compressor working, the cooling system must be working at the same time.

4: The machine must not be working without oil, so you must pay attention to the level of oil.


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