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Air Compressor GB02-Auto stop

Product Specification

SKU NO.: GB02-Auto stop

GW: 16 kg

NW: 15 kg

Available Color: Yellow , Black, Red

Cooling System: Water Cooling

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Product Info

The air compressor plays a crucial role among enthusiasts. It is an essential tool for air gun enthusiasts, used for filling airguns. The compressor provides a stable air pressure, ensuring accurate shooting and high performance. It allows for quick inflation, saving time and allowing enthusiasts to focus more on shooting rather than tedious pumping

Airmega air compressor adopts an integrated machine head, which dissipates heat quickly and is easy to maintain. The machine head is precisely designed to be wear-resistant and high-pressure resistant. The hose adopts a shortcut form and is easy to disassemble. The large oil and water design can better filter impurities in the air, making the output gas drier and cleaner, so that can protect your reservoirs.The GB02 style features an auto-off setting that regulates pressure up to 4500 PSI and allows the unit to stop filling once the correct pressure is reached, reducing the risk of damage from overfilling the bottle or airgun. The compressor is cooled using external water circulation to achieve maximum efficiency and heat dissipation while reducing motor wear. It is also equipped with a condenser to reduce the temperature of the output gas to protect the user’s equipment.

Test Inflating Result :  

3″  50s to fill full 0.35L tank to 30MPA

8 mins to fill full 1L tank to 300BAR


1: Please add lubricating oil before you start using the machine first. -No.46 wear resistant hydraulic oil. Don’t forget to put the lube oil into the compressor before running.

2: When running, if the machine vibrates violently, please add pad or towel under the compressor

3: When the compressor working, the cooling system must be working at the same time.

4: The machine must not be working without oil, so you must pay attention to the level of oil.


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